30+ Years of experience in the industry
About The Company

Summit Lockers manufactures Lockers, Cubbies, Custom Cabinets, and Benches for innovative facilities across the US and Canada.  We believe that by offering a variety of designs quality material and innovative construction techniques our customers will have contemporary looking, durable lockers.  With Summit, you are no longer limited to tired metal lockers or questionable laminate lockers.

Summit products are built with highly durable, water-resistant, colorful Compact Laminate and HDPE panels and Stainless-Steel hardware. With these Summit recommended materials your lockers are perfect for a centerpiece locker room and will be low maintenance, durable, and attractive.
Compact laminate is an innovative material that when used for Lockers and Cabinets offers a contemporary, clean, and low maintenance finish. Not only is it a stylish material, but it is also an incredibly durable surface that can withstand exposure to harsh environment and daily use. Features include: Extensive color palette, water resistant, low maintenance, self-supporting, superior impact resistance, resistant to most solvents, hypoallergenic properties and resistant to high or low temperatures.
High Density Polyethylene’s excellent durability, resistance to temperature swings and low moisture absorption make is a logical choice for Locker, Cabinet, Cubbie and Bench applications. Summit’s customers choosing HDPE make this selection based on consistent color throughout.
Customer Services
Summit attributes our success to; Prompt customer service; Providing specific and unique solutions for each customer; Paying attention to details; Shipping complete and shipping on schedule.   This simple, ethical approach has led to lower project costs, satisfied customers, and our continued growth.
Summit was formed to address the demand from recreation centers for a better locker room solution.    In response, we added new colors, new styles, durability and the ability to withstand high humidity / wet environments.  We added digital locks, USB power outlets, custom z-tier locker doors, lockers with integral cubbies, custom lockers w/ drawers, and lighting.   Our design service team works with architects and owners to build the right locker for your needs.

We dream big combining our energy and inspiration with the best tools our industry has to offer, to bring a vision to life and make a better world for our customers and their communities.


We look inside ourselves, access our organization and beyond. Perspective yields insight. And insight fuels learning which drives continual improvement.


We celebrate the synergy between work and play. The result is a vitality that transcends the individual to shape our culture. We believe work can be energizing and fun.

“Summit Lockers has always provided extremely durable, high quality lockers for our projects. They have been able to accommodate even our most aggressive project schedules with on time deliveries. Installation of their products is very smooth and our customers are always happy with the finished product.”