28+ Years of experience in the industry
About Us…
30+ Years experience in the industry

While based in Columbia, South Carolina, Summit Lockers has established an ever growing list client with sales expanding nation wide.  Our company believes in maintaining positive, beneficial relationships with our clients in order to deliver the best customer service possible.  From the initial sale to the the final installation, we assist our clients throughout the project.

Environmentally Friendly
Made from recycled plastic

Summit Lockers are made in the U.S.A. using environmentally friendly recycled materials. We pride ourselves on remaining conscious of our environment and the negatives effects that harmful building materials can have on it.  Summit Locker High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) panels have recycled content ranging up to 100%, while the lockers themselves are recyclable as well.

Design and Technology
How do we make quality products ?

We utilize quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, to build the most durable lockers for our clients. Our designs are able to withstand high impact environments and the wear from everyday use. Custom designs are available from our dedicated design team.  Specifications and cut sheets are available as resources.

“Summit Lockers has always provided extremely durable, high quality lockers for our projects. They have been able to accommodate even our most aggressive project schedules with on time deliveries. Installation of their products is very smooth and our customers are always happy with the finished product.”