Summit Lockers | Personal and Desktop Protection Screens
Personal and Desktop screens to safeguard your clients and customers from spread germs during Covid-19 virus outbreak. These protective shields can be used for offices, gyms, business lobbies, schools, restaurants and more.
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Protection Shields

Peak Personal & Desktop Protection Shields

Peak Personal Protection Shields

Providing safe and effective separation between fitness center equipment and guests without reconfiguring your facility.

The personal shields deliver the premier solution to help promote social distancing, by providing a separation between highly trafficked areas, providing members the peace of mind and a sense of protection that they need to re-engage. The shields are extremely durable and can be installed with minimal effort. These modular shields can be installed, moved and reconfigured over and over again, depending on the need. The shields are constructed with composite bases and multi-wall poly-carbonate screens which can be easily cleaned.

Peak Desktop Protection Shields

An ideal solution for the office, school and other workspaces to provide a safe separation between employees and visitors/customers.

Peak Desktop Shields is the solution for slowing down the COVID-19 corona virus in spaces with shared work tables.  Because the screens don’t have to be secured to the desktop, they are easy to move as demand changes.  Manufactured with durable composite materials with an interlocking base, the desktop shields are an ideal solution for students, staff, customers and visitors.

Peak Personal Protection Shield next to workout equipment
Peak Personal Protection Shield next to cycling bike
Peak Desktop Protection Shield on school tabletop

Would you like to view more examples of our Peak Protection Shields?