Why Not Phenolic?

Why Not Phenolic?

Phenolic is an excellent choice when it comes to your locker material.

Phenolic is a water and impact-resistant material that offers lasting color, structural rigid-ness, and it will not rust, delaminate or dent. Since phenolic is composed of a compact laminate, it is available in over 600 colors and patterns. Phenolic is also incredibly customizable as it is offered in a range of thicknesses.

Not only is our phenolic material environmentally friendly and it contributes to LEED certification, but it is certified for meeting public health and safety standards. If you are not sure what locker material to go with, go phenolic!

  • Multi-directional Ventilation

    Summit builds space within it’s phenolic locker body and doors to provide multi-direction ventilation.

  • Mortise & Tenon

    Mortise and tenon joints lock pieces together for superior strength and durability.

  • Overlay Phenolic Doors

    Our solid phenolic overlay doors increase the usable space for each locker.

  • Color Variety

    Phenolic is available in over three hundred color options.