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Phenolic Lockers

Innovative and Durable

Phenolic Lockers combine the appeal of a wooden locker with low maintenance. With hygienic, easy to clean surfaces, as well as extra strength to support large locker sizes. Phenolic lockers are the perfect solution for high traffic and high moisture areas.

HDPE Lockers

Water Resistant

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lockers provide a solution for locker rooms fighting metal rust or PLAM performance issues. With through-color panels and an orange peel finish, HDPE lockers are great for high moisture areas. Numerous sizes and styles make these perfect for a variety of facilities.

Our Locker Design

Mortise & Tenon

Summit Lockers uses mortise and tenon joints secured with stainless steel fasteners in lieu of butt joints, welds or pop rivets Our mortise and tenon shelves have the strength of the tenon and the screws to support heavy loads, unlike butt joints. With mortise and tenon joints, shelves, side panels and the back panels are joined to provide mutual support and a tight fit resulting in a stronger, more durable, rigid locker

Vertical Ventilation

Excellent Ventilation: In addition to ventilation around the locker doors, Summit lockers provides ventilation holes in the tops, shelves and bottoms which enables a top to bottom airflow. The Summit overlay door provides ventilation around the door, rather than through the door. This “hidden” perimeter ventilation technique increases the ventilation surface area for front to back ventilation. Full Size Doors improve ventilation. By allowing air flow around the locker door, rather than through louvers in the door, Summit Lockers greatly increased the surface area for ventilation as well as improving on the directions air can flow. An additional benefit of air flow around the doors is that the ventilation is “hidden” which results in a modern locker room appearance.

Full Overlay Doors

Full Doors improve appearance. Summit Lockers doors are the full width of the locker and do not require a locker face frame. These doors overlay the locker frame to provide a smooth, flush finish. Utalizing this design allows unblocked access into the locker. The additional opening size is critical when storing large items such as basketballs, book bags, helmets, and computers.


As an environmentally friendly company, our lockers are made from mostly recycled materials in several ranges to qualify for GREENGUARD® indoor air quality and LEED certification.

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